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PSN Code Generator

The first PSN code generator that doesn't require any downloads. Now you can generate free Playstation Network codes anywhere you go, directly in your web browser, and on all of your devices. Simply connect your account, select your desired code, and lean back while the generator does the rest. Every code is automatically validated during creation and only the confirmed codes are forwarded to our users. Our PSN code generator is fully compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet. All countries supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use the PSN code generator?

The PSN gift card codes, that have been generated with our generator, are indistinguishable from the official codes and even withstand manual security reviews. We work meticulously to ensure a safe and reliable service at all times.

How many free PSN codes can I generate?

New users may generate up to three PSN codes per day. Users who've been active for more than 30 days are subject to an increased limit of five codes per day. Users who've been inactive for 90 consecutive days are removed from our database.

Do I need to register in order to use the generator?

There is currently no registration or download required to use the online PSN code generator. In an effort to control the (ab)use of our service are all visitors asked to participate in a short verification during their first visit. The verification takes roughly 1-2 minutes to complete and is only required during a users first visit.

I don't want to disclose my account details, can I still use the generator?

You can use any valid e-mail address with our PSN code generator. Your provided e-mail address will function as your identifier / login for all future visits (allows you to skip the verification + raises your daily limit). A unique confirmation link is dispatched to your e-mail address every time you try to generate a new code. Approve your latest request through the confirmation link to release your code. We strongly advise against the use of a temporary e-mail address, as you will lose your access to the generator once the temporary e-mail address has expired.

Recommendation: Quickly register a new e-mail address with a reputable provider (Gmail, Yahoo...) and use that e-mail address exclusively for our PSN code generator. This way you will protect your access and guard your privacy at the same time.

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